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delayed notifications

is anyone else getting really delayed notifications? both in emails on and the site as well? 

posts from 2 hrs ago are only just coming through to me now. 


Re: delayed notifications

Hey @outlander 

i haven’t had this problem. Hope it can be sorted out fir you. Hope you’re well. Xx

Re: delayed notifications

thanks @BlueBay its very annoying, hopefully its just a slight glitch.

Re: delayed notifications

@outlander  Mine are delayed too, both in forums and email

Re: delayed notifications

Good to know its not just me @Razzle hope its sorted soon..

Re: delayed notifications

Yes @outlander @Razzle @BlueBay  ... I was getting the same issue with notifications.  Some came through in a timely manner, but others still have not come through, even though I was tagged on some of them and I was subscribed to others which never allerted me to new posts.



Re: delayed notifications

Hey all @Sherry  @outlander  @Razzle @BlueBay  I will look into this for you this morning Smiley Happy Thanks for being super patient!

Re: delayed notifications

Hey there all thanks for your patience on this @outlander  @Sherry  @Razzle  @BlueBay  


Sometimes we do have a delay with notifications when there's a lot of traffic on the forum, if it extends for too long (24-48 hours) please do let me know and I will continue to follow up on this issue Smiley Happy Can I confirm is everyone getting timely notifications now? Thanks crew.

Re: delayed notifications

@nashy   Seems ok now

Re: delayed notifications

Hey @nashy  no mine are still delayed or not coming through at all. That includes emails as well. On a thread im on ive been tagged but no notifications on the site or emails and theres been conversation on another thread but the last notification  i received  was from yesterday in emails and a notification  onsite this morning with a 'support' but nothing else. Some threads are showing  up as normal but most are still  delayed or not at all. 

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