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New Contributor

a life of tragedy and pain

every day my  family suffers with depression 

we have had a lot of tragedies in the family, so many that its like something unbelivable just when we things were starting to get better another major tragedy happened the worst tragedy of all.

two of our Adult children suffer from severe depression every day I live with the fear if they are going to be here tomorrow

me and my wife also suffer with depression from when we were very young and still today due to lots of tragedies that have happened to us.

three of our adult childrens have tried to take their lifes previously its very difficult livng with fear every day

I'm tired of living with fear every day, every day its like a sadness that never goes away.

I find it very hard to sleep at night 

me my wife and two of our children have ended up in mental hospitals.


Re: a life of tragedy and pain

Hello @Ham

It is a most terrible fear to fear our family might die suddenly.

I do not believe the world is a level playing field.  Some people and families do suffer more than others.  Some tragedies are more to do with unequal distribution of resources than genes. I also come from a family with a lot of tragedy and mental health issues.


I hope reading and posting on the forum helps lighten the load.

Take Care


Re: a life of tragedy and pain

Hi @Ham - so glad you found us and hope to keep seeing you around. How have you last few days been?

Re: a life of tragedy and pain

Hi Ham

I am so sorry to hear your family has suffered so much. It sounds like you all love each other very much and I hope that connection brings you some comfort.

D x

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