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ADHD - Is it not as important?

New Contributor

ADHD - Is it not as important?

So almost every mental health organisation I've ever dealt with, has never even mentioned ADHD as a disorder let alone offer any helpful resources/information.. Why is this? Is it not considered as a mental health disorder? I can tell you first hand that this lack of acknowledgment makes sufferers feel less worthy of support and even adds to my fear of telling people that I have it. I'm not worried to tell people about my anxiety disorder, but it's rare that I admit to having ADHD.

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Re: ADHD - Is it not as important?

Feel ya mate, having ADHD I've been through a similar experience.
My understanding is the public (especially in Australia, Perth) are misinformed.
Martin Whitely was a secondary school  teacher who joined politics to fight increasing treatment of ADHD kids in 2001.
"In his first parliamentary speech (2001) he called for tighter ADHD prescribing controls."
He wrote a thesis after politics, supporting his views. The media loved the story, it's effect can still be felt today. crazy thing is, it was actually a good cause... I know I'd be screwed without my Meds.
Don't take my word for it, Martin Whitely's story is on wikipedia. Interesting read.
As for information Russell Barkley one of the leading experts in ADHD
I'd also recommend a YouTube channel called "How To ADHD"
Your not alone bud!