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Five lies my illness tells me...


When an illness takes hold, it can significantly change the way we view ourselves and the world. Our thoughts can shift and ruminate on particular themes, and at times it can be hard to discern between truth and lies, between real and unreal, between helpful and unhelpful. A confusing and scary place to be. 

One young person shared her story on our blog, detailing the lies that OCD tells her. You can read about it here

It left me wondering....

What lies does your illness tell you?

How do you recognise when your illness is telling you lies?

What strategies do you use to cope?

Community Elder

Re: Five lies my illness tells me...

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This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about today but I don’t know the answer @Margot. I was thinking of posting something trying to seek answers. 

Edited to say that one of the things I’m battling with is abandonment. The feelings outway the logic and even though I try to check the facts the feelings still win. 

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Re: Five lies my illness tells me...

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I can't list what my MI tells me, too hard, too triggering

Sometimes I can recognise that it is a lie, other times it takes hold.

To cope I have different scripts I read and use my safety plan and try and distract myself

I don't know if this will help anyone



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Re: Five lies my illness tells me...

Hi @Margot
My illness tells me all the time that I'm not s good person. I'm bad I'm ugly im fat I'm not a good mum. My illness tells me I'll never get better. I'm weak and this is how I'll be forever.
I struggle to recognise the lies because I believe them so much.
What strategies do I use to cope? I guess I just go with it. When I'm very emotional distressed or dissociating I believe it all 100 percent. Not sure I use any strategies st the moment.
Senior Contributor

Re: Five lies my illness tells me...

I'm battling badly too with abandonment @Teej I can sometimes see what my psych says to me but my belief wins. I always believe my belief. Does that make sense?
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Re: Five lies my illness tells me...

@Margot I really can't recognise the lies, too convincing maybe. I try distractions when it's not too bad like gardening, crafts, music, but when it's bad nothing works and I guess I just agree, there haven't been many other voices in my life to disagree.